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When you attend any WLT audition, please bring with you an Audition Form already filled in, and a non-returnable photograph (please write your name on back of the photo in case it gets separated from the form).





by Joe DiPietro

Director: Keith Hutton

SEASON DATES:  12 – 29 February 2020

There will be 16 performances - evenings at 8.15 pm and Sundays at 5.00 pm. 


Sunday, November 17th from 2pm  


Monday, November 18th from 7.30pm


Audition & performance venue: 

Williamstown Little Theatre, 2 - 4 Albert Street, Williamstown


Set in Hoboken, New Jersey, the play is built around Ralph Bellini’s pursuit of romance, his search for emotional escape from the constricting life he leads as a widower sharing a small apartment with his selfish, bitter sister Rose, whose husband left her 22 years ago. She never got over it and, being Catholic, refused to divorce. Ralph is a frustrated opera singer who yearns to bring into his daily life some of the grand passions he once imagined enacting on the stage. And he cherishes the memories of the performances he has attended at the Metropolitan Opera in Manhattan, a temple of romance lying just across the Hudson—a shrine where he could experience those passions vicariously.


But those trips to the opera with his late wife were few, and now lie long in the past. The present for Ralph is Hoboken and his Italian-American community—a world that both nurtures and constrains him. His dreams only come to life on the stage of the Met in Manhattan—which he can rarely afford to visit—but his reality is defined by the hemmed-in dog-run in which he walks each day, until he meets someone…


RALPH BELLINI – An elderly man, but vigorous, flirtatious and full of life with a sharp wit. The actor needs to portray a man in his 70’s or 80’s, but could himself be younger if that works. This is the lead role that requires an experienced actor with excellent presence, stagecraft and timing. Italian/New Jersey accent required.

ROSE TAGLIATELLE – The younger, single sister with whom Ralph lives. Dominating, selfish, manipulative and bitter. Aged in her 60’s to 70’s and some 5 to 10 years younger than Ralph. Italian/New Jersey accent required

CAROL REYNOLDS – The ‘love’ interest for Ralph. She is well-presented and proper. Aged in her 60’s to 70’s. New Jersey or generic American accent required (To be decided)

YOUNG MAN – aged early 20s. He is Ralph’s younger self and appears throughout the play singing short segments from approximately nine operatic arias. This is a specialist role for a young, trained singer with the ability to sing convincing Italian and French opera. Voice range: Baritone.  NOTE: Applicants for this role will be auditioned separately at a time and date TBA.



Auditions are by appointment only, with the Director. Relevant audition pieces will be announced shortly. There is no requirement to learn the audition pieces, but it will be expected you have read the entire play and be very familiar with your audition pieces.

Please allow time to find a parking space, as this can be very tight around the theatre at times.

For an audition appointment, to make enquiries, and for information about a script: 

phone 0430 032 332 or


PLEASE NOTE: It is a requirement when attending your audition to bring with you a completed Audition Form downloaded from www.wlt.org.au/auditions and a non-returnable photograph with your name on the back.



Before auditioning, please ensure that you will be, if successful, fully available for all scheduled rehearsals and performances. However if you have a commitment affecting one of the proposed rehearsals, please advise the Director at the time of auditioning, and wherever possible, it will be accommodated.

At this stage, rehearsals will be held on Sundays at 2pm and Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7.30pm. They will commence on Sunday 1st December with a full read-through.


The final rehearsal before Christmas will be Thursday 19th December. Rehearsals will resume on Sunday 5th January 2020.