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The Raft

by Carl Nixon

Director: David Collins

Production Coordinator: Peter Newling


SEASON DATES:  1-18 July
There will be 16 performances - evenings at 8.15 pm and Sundays at 5.00 pm. 


• Sunday, 26 th April, 7.30pm – 10.30pm
• Monday 27 th April, 7.30pm – 10.30pm
Auditions are by appointment only. For an audition appointment, information about a script, or any other enquiries, contact the Director:

Williamstown Little Theatre, 2 Albert Street Williamstown.
Please allow time to find a parking space, as this can be very tight around the theatre at times.

The Raft is a strong, bold drama that gets to the emotional rub of a family dealing with a deep personal tragedy.
On a stormy weekend, Mark and Tonia arrive at Mark’s family’s holiday home in a desperate, final attempt to rescue their marriage. The weather worsens and a flooded river
strands them, when Mark’s parents unexpectedly show up. With no escape, all are forced to confront the issues they have avoided up until now, issues that are tearing the family apart, and begin to understand that sometimes to resuscitate love, you have to risk drowning.

Each character has a unique perspective on ,and relationship with, grief. While the story and characters orbit somewhat around Mark, it’s very much an ensemble piece. 

MARK ALYMER (M, 30s-40s)
Mark is the focus of the story. At the play’s opening, it’s been a year since Mark and his wife Tonia lost their five-year-old son Liam. Still raw with grief, Mark is sullen, resentful, and
angry. He is haunted by memories of playing with Liam and hears his son’s voice and laughter throughout the play. Over the duration, he slowly learns he must start moving on
and is brought back up into the light.

TONIA ALYMER (F, 30s-40s)
Tonia is Mark’s wife and has been grieving along with him for the past year, not that he would know. Mark’s grief has made him insular and selfish and Tonia has borne the brunt of this for too long. She is worn right down, giving Mark one final chance to save their marriage.

Shirley is Mark’s mother. Shirley has dealt with much over the past year. Not only has she lost her grandson, but she’s also been caring for Mark’s father, Jack, after he had a stroke not long after the loss of Liam. Like Tonia, she is sick of Liam’s  anger, but still believes he can be helped.

JACK ALYMER (M, 50s-60s)
Jack is Mark’s father. Mark blames Jack for Liam’s death a year ago and they’ve barely spoken since. Jack harbours a lot of guilt. While mostly recovered from the stroke, Jack still
suffers from slightly-slurred speech and the limited use of one of his arms, which is portrayed throughout the play.

Liam is Mark and Tonia’s son. All that is required from this actor is that they appear at the end of the play for ~1 minute. Liam has no dialogue. 

No accents are required.

PLEASE NOTE: It is a requirement that when attending your audition that you bring with you a completed Audition Form downloaded from www.wlt.org.au/auditions and a non- returnable photograph with your name on the back.
Williamstown Little Theatre is a community theatre, and as such actors are not paid.