Ticket prices:  $27 and $24 concession.


In 2021 bookings are online only and you can print at home. 
No groups, 1 or 2 tickets only.


  1. Shirley Valentine - bookings open19 May

  2. The River - bookings open 28 August

  3. The Importance of Being Earnest - bookings open 6 October

  • Please note: the online system does not allow bookings on the same day you wish to attend, so we advise bookings in advance.

  • This year more than ever it is essential to immediately notify Robert Harsley 0447 340 665 if you can't use your booked ticket/s.

  • For play 1 there will not be ticket sales at the door but watch WLT Facebook page for notice of returned tickets or unsold tickets.

  • There will be no supper on opening nights, and available refreshments may be limited.

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