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When I Was Five

by Jeff Baron
20 April - 6 May 2017

Director: Brett Turner

Assistant Director: Adrian Valenta

Production Coordinator: Robert Harsley

From the acclaimed author and the same directing team of Visiting Mr. Green  (VDL awarded Best Production 2015) comes another warm, humorous, emotional journey of discovery and self-acceptance.


Will, a screenwriter in his 30's goes to see Ellen, a slightly unconventional therapist, to figure out why he's never had a successful relationship.  She helps him realise that he's never really dealt with a childhood tragedy.  Using a creative technique, she shows Will (and us) the way this affected him as a boy, which unlocks barriers and helps him see a better future.

An Australian Premiere.


Will...Seth Kannof

Ellen... Janine Evans

Billy... Oliver Kinsella and Barnaby Kinsella

Stage Manager: Jake Privett

Assistant Stage Manager: Peter Newling

Light/sound Operator: Patrick Slee

Set Design: Brett Turner

Lighting Design: Craig Pearcey

Audio Design: Brett Turner

Technical Assistance: Neil Williamson

Costume Design: Shirley Sydenham

Costume Assistance: Maria Haughey

Props: Maria Haughey

Poster: Janine Evans












Back L-R: Robert Harsley, Jake Privett, Peter Newling, Shirley Sydenham, Maria Haughey, Adrian Valenta

Front: Seth Kannof, Barnaby Kinsella, Oliver Kinsella, Janine Evans, Brett Turner




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