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The 39 Steps

by John Buchan 

Adapted by Patrick Barlow

16 November - 2 December 2017
Director: Barbara Hughes

Richard Hannay’s boring life is turned upside down when he meets beautiful spy, Annabelle Schmidt.  When Annabelle is murdered, Richard finds himself being hunted by the mysterious organisation, The 39 Steps.  Who are they?  And what is their devilish secret? 


To find out, Hannay must travel to the Scottish Highlands, foil dastardly foreign agents, cross the moors (many times) and win over the girl.


Join the cast of hundreds (well, four actually – all we could afford) in this mad-cap whodunit based on Alfred Hitchcock’s 1935 film of John Buchan’s novel.  We know that you’ll love it.  Thankoo!

Let the silliness begin!


Hannay:                                    Mark Briggs
Annabella/Pamela/Margaret:   Claire Abagia

Clowns:                                    Liam O'Kane & Brad Lowry


Production Coordinator:          Brian Christopher
Stage Management:               Andrew Wild, Alex Begg, Rob Edwards

Director's Assistant:                Maria Haughey
Set Design:                              Loraine Callow & Barbara Hughes

Costume Design:                     Tony Tartaro
Lighting Design:                      Maureen White & Kieran Hanrahan

Audio Design:                           Patrick Slee

Props:                                       Barbara Hughes & Maria Haughey

Poster Design:                          Janine Evans

Program Design:                      Erin Austin

L-R Back : Liam O'Kane, Brad Lowry

L-R Front: Mark Briggs, Claire Abagia



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