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Want to be involved at WLT?

Let us count the ways...

WLT's Play Selection Committee is responsible for the appointment of directors and selection from plays they submit.

If after reading the guidelines you are interested in making a submission, please email it to Peter Newling.



WLT Play Selection Guide for Directors


All WLT productions are cast by auditions which are open to all interested parties. Auditions are advertised on our website and other audition websites.

Non Performing


There are many aspects of backstage and behind the scenes work to get involved with, with contact emails if you're interested in any particular activities:

•Stage Management, Backstage 

Each production requires a Stage Manager (SM) to be in charge. The SM, often with assistants, sets up the stage, makes scene changes as required, supervises all aspects of the theatre during performances.

WLT provides training and mentoring for these important aspects of backstage.  If interested, contact Alex Begg

Lighting and Sound

Designers create lighting and sound in harmony with the script. Sound may be music or sound effects such as rain, bird song, cars and so on, or a combination of both. Lights are rigged, sound is uploaded to our computer system.

An operator works in the bio box and follows the cueing system to ensure the lighting effects and sounds occur at the correct moments during the performance. WLT provides training and mentoring. Contact Alex Begg if interested.



Costuming a show occasionally requires sewing skills, but is more often a question of outfitting the actors, working within the play’s characters, era and plot line, and sometimes requiring authenticity of uniforms or insignia. We provide guidance and mentoring for those who are interested but inexperienced. If you are interested in learning and assisting costuming a show, contact Tony Tartaro.



‘Props’ are the items actors use onstage, and also are items that add authenticity to a set, such as things that fill shelves, cupboards or fridge, shopping bags, or they can be ornaments in a room. Sometimes they have to be made, such as food packets or can labels to reflect an era or nationality. If you are interested in learning more, contact Barb Hughes


•Wardrobe and props departments

The storage areas of both require regular maintenance so that items are in good order and located where they are supposed to be, which facilitates costuming and supplying props for plays. Both departments are in the process of creating catalogues, which involves photographing, describing, data entry.

If interested in assisting contact Tony Tartaro (costumes) or Barb Hughes (props)


•Set Design, set building, set decoration/dressing

WLT is known for the excellence of its sets. Saturday afternoons, and sometimes weekdays, in the weeks before each show is a hive of activity as our team of builders, painters/wallpaperers swings into action, along with a great deal of laughter and satisfaction. There are always plenty of jobs for people with all levels of experience in a variety of areas.

And there's lots to learn for those with fewer skills.

If interested in joining the set building team, contact Set Construction Manager Alex Begg.



An important function of Front-of-house is the welcome to patrons. Duties include preparation of the auditorium and foyer, greeting patrons, selling drinks and confectionery, ushering.

If interested, contact Bernadette Wheatley or  Barb Hughes

•Working Bees

Joining in a working bee is a great way to meet members, check us out and decide if you want to increase your involvement!


  • During January each year, we hold our now famous ‘Tuesdays in January’ Working Bees. We use this time to do the many jobs necessary to maintain our theatre, such as tidying and sorting, clearing, applying a coat of paint here and there, clearing the gutters of leaves, and so on. People get there when they get there – from about 5.30pm onwards. The evening ends most pleasantly with a twilight BBQ meal provided by the Company, a few beverages, and sparkling conversation!

  • Bump outs: The Tuesday night following the last performance of each production is the bump out, when we dismantle the set, return costumes and props to their relevant destinations, and clear the theatre for the rehearsal and set building process of the next production.Dinner is provided - a pleasant way to finish up these bump outs. 


For working bee enquiries contact Facilities Manager Steve Drumm.


For any other information/ enquiries about any aspect of membership or of getting involved, please contac

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