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Fundraising...Building for the Next 50 Years

We are fortunate in that our foresighted founders purchased and converted an old bakery into the cosy theatre that has been our home for over 50 years. Time has taken its toll however, and now it is time to plan for refurbishment and extension to ensure the next generation enjoys all that Williamstown Little Theatre has to offer.

Stage 1 was completed in December 2021, coinciding with our 75th anniversary. 

We were fortunate to receive a grant for matched funding from the Federal Government's Stronger Communities Grant.  We now need to complete the renovation and upgrade of our premises. We're now seeking grants, sponsorships and turning to our loyal patrons to help this project. We are starting the planning for Stage 2!


You can support WLT via donation...  a letter to our supporters:

Dear Supporter of Williamstown Little Theatre


Early last year, in a place many thousands of kilometres away, I saw a production of The Sound of Music. It was community theatre at its finest. Where long before the lights came up, all the hard work had been done. All of it.


There must have been 90 people on the stage that night and at least another 90 involved behind-the-scenes. It was an expensive production and it showed. It was a brilliant production and it showed. Afterwards, while I was reflecting on the fact that this small town in the west of Ireland had nurtured my love for theatre and another little place in the west of Melbourne had grown that love, I bumped into one of the production team. He commented on my hoodie. “Where did you get that?,” he asked. And I smiled. “Fundraising”, I said. “Tell me about it”, says he. And so, I did.


I told him about the monster raffle and special cakes and themed drinks and the movie night. I told him about the garage sale and the huge success it was. And I told him about the hoodies and the T-shirts and he ordered one.


And I asked him how they managed to find the funds to put on such a massive production in such a small place. And he looked at me and he smiled and said, “we asked”. They asked their members, their supporters, their friends, their families, The local business community. Not everybody said yes but enough of them did. They asked. That simple.


As you know, we at Williamstown Little Theatre are currently planning a major refurbishment of our building, stage 1 of which is currently in progress. This plan is to ensure the continued existence of our company, to allow you and your family and the future generations of Williamstown to enjoy Community theatre at its finest in the place where it should be. Local and part of the community.


So, and for almost the first time in our history, we are asking. You who have supported our productions for probably more years than we care to remember. And we are thanking you. Not for any donations or time and talent you may offer as a result of this missive. No. We are thanking you for your support in the past and for your support in the future. If it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t be here so thank you. It is that simple.


 Any donation big or small is appreciated and will be acknowledged.


You’ll also find once again an old school piggy bank on the counter throughout all of our shows in 2021.


News of the refurbishment will be made available. A progress report is updated regularly. Plans for stage 2 will be on display in the foyer and we hope you share the excitement we feel at what will soon be a much-improved facility for you to enjoy.


With all good wishes for 2021,


Maria Haughey

For and on behalf of Williamstown Little Theatre

  • EFT donations: BSB 013 456; account # 313156786, with reference "gift+your name"

  • Cheques (payable Williamstown Little Theatre) mail to P.O. Box 35, Williamstown Vic 3016

  • And of course please feed spare change into the Piggie at Front of House!

Have you ever considered...remembering Williamstown Little Theatre in your Will?


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