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Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne, adapted for stage by Toby
Director Peter Newling

Season dates: 16 November to 3 December for 16 performances

Audition dates:

  • Sunday 11 September from 7:30pm

  • Monday 12 September from 7:30pm

Audition and Performance Venue:
Williamstown Little Theatre, 2-4 Albert Street, Williamstown

Auditions by appointment only.
For an appointment, please email director –
Or call on 0419 205 200.

Jules Verne’s much loved 1872 novel is 260 pages long. It takes the reader on a Victorian era world tour from London to Dover to Paris to Turin to Brindisi to Bombay to Calcutta to Hong Kong to Yokohama to San Francisco to New York to Newfoundland to Queenstown, Ireland and finally back to London. It involves travel via steamer, train, hansom cab, elephant and (according to David Niven) hot air balloon.

In the spirit of plays such as The 39 Steps, three actors will attempt to stage the whole story. The fourth character is Jules Verne himself, who makes an unexpected appearance.

It’s a rollicking, fast paced bit of silliness to finish the year. It’ll require a cast with huge energy and equally huge inventiveness.

To our knowledge, this will be the first time the four-handed version of this play will be done in Australia.



All actors play myriad roles. But each has a main character that stays with them throughout. These are described below, and will form the basis of auditions. As scripted, all four actors are male.


Phileas Fogg: 50s. Debonaire, charming, and with a killer smile.
Perfect manners hide the fact that he’s a high-class thief. Quite unflappable, with unshakable dignity.


Passpartout: 30s or younger. Fogg’s young employee and fixer. This role will be the most demanding

in terms of physical comedy. Bright, helpful, perhaps a bit gullible. But a genuinely nice young guy.


Inspector Fix. 35+. The hapless Scotland Yard detective charged with bringing Fogg to justice.

Stuffy, dogmatic and no fun at parties. This actor would ideally be able to put across

a range of British accents.

Jules Verne. 60+. Written as something of a doofus. Tries very hard to be helpful to the actors,

but more often than not just gets in the way. Adopts a narrator type role, so must be confident

with audience interaction.


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Rehearsals will be held at Williamstown Little Theatre on Tuesday and Thursday evenings, and Sunday afternoons.
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Williamstown Little Theatre has a COVID SAFE PLAN that will apply through auditions, rehearsals and performances. 

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