Our Covid Safe Plan will apply to all activity on our premises, including auditions. 
Note: All cast and crew of this production are required to be fully vaccinated.
We request that you be fully vaccinated by the date of your audition appointment
If this is a problem, please discuss with the director at the time of booking an appointment.
You will be required to bring with you to an audition a mask, script or audition pages, water bottle, pen, any items for personal use. For Covid safety, take these with you when you leave.
Hand sanitiser will be provided. 
Two days prior to your audition date, please email to Coordinator
a completed Audition Form downloaded from the link below, together with a non-returnable headshot.



Director : Ellis Ebell

Season Dates: 9-26 February 2022


Audition Dates:

*Saturday 20 November from 1.00pm

*Sunday 21 November from 12 noon 

*these dates subject to restrictions being lifted


Audition and performance venue: Williamstown Little Theatre, 2 Albert Street, Williamstown




The play itself needs no introduction: it has been described as ‘a trivial comedy for serious people’. First performed in 1895, its high farce and witty dialogue have made it one of the most performed and enduring of Wilde’s plays.  WLT’s challenge is to give it ‘something different’.




Algernon Moncrieff – Mid 20’s.

A confident, aristocratic, stylish bachelor, a man about town. Enjoys the good things in life, is bored by conventions and looks for excitement.

John (Jack) Worthing – 30ish.

Successful, witty, charming friend of Algernon.  From good stock but not an aristocrat.  He is about to take his place in society by proposing to Gwendolyn Fairfax.

The Honourable Gwendolen Fairfax – 30ish.

A socialite, believing style to be more important than sincerity.  She’s romantic, hard-headed and opinionated, much like her mother, Lady Bracknell.

Lady Augusta Bracknell – 60’s.

Extremely aristocratic, a perfect symbol of upper class earnestness , believing that social class barriers are to be enforced. A stubbornness to move with the times, she is a strongly opinionated matriarch who bullies everyone in her path.

Cecily Cardew – 18.

Jack Worthing’s ward.  Being brought up in the country by her governess, she is bubbly, romantic, imaginative and has a slightly mischievous nature.

Miss Prism – 60 +. 

She is educating Cecily to have no imagination or sensationalism in her life.  Outwardly a symbol of morality, she reveals a secret life of passion, including having written a three volume sensational novel.

Rev. Canon Chasuble, D.D. – 60 +.

Local vicar, a source of moral judgments but easy going and pleasure seeking nonetheless.  His proudest achievement is the ‘all purpose’ sermon which can be used for Christenings, Weddings and Funerals alike.

Lane – 40ish. and Merriman – 60ish.

Servants in the households of Algernon and Jack.  Both solemnly watch the follies of their ‘betters’ and save them from embarrassment.  They are the pillars upon which the easy going lifestyle of their employers rest.

**We would ideally like for Lane and Merriman to be played by the same actor, allowing the actor more scope given the age difference of the two characters.  However, we could cast separately if we had two actors prepared to take on these smaller roles.





Auditions are only by appointment with the Director.

For an audition appointment, to make enquiries, and for information about the script please contact

Ellis Ebell: email –


Ellis will forward a copy of the script advising you which scenes he will be using for the audition.  Please DO NOT learn the script prior to auditioning but bring the pages that apply to the role you’re casting for.


PLEASE NOTE:  A few days prior to your audition you will be required to email the Production Co-Ordinator, Maria Haughey, at a completed audition form downloaded from together with a head shot (need not be a studio portrait but a clear photo of you).


WLT has a COVID SAFE PLAN that will apply through auditions, rehearsals and performances.  It can be viewed at


You will receive a reminder before the audition with questions regarding COVID symptoms and a link to the most up to date COVID precautions for attendance at the theatre.




Before auditioning, please ensure that you will be, if successful, fully available for all scheduled rehearsals and performances.  However, if you have a commitment affecting one of the proposed rehearsals please advise the Director at the time of auditioning, and wherever possible, it will be accommodated.


There will be 16 performances; evenings at 8.15 pm and Sundays at 5.00 pm.


At this stage, rehearsals will be held on Sundays at 2 pm and Mondays at 7.30 pm.


The first read through will be *Monday 29th November at 7.30 pm  (*this date subject to restrictions being lifted)

It will be a chance to meet the cast, read through the play and allow the costume designer to measure up for costumes.




Williamstown Little Theatre has a COVID SAFE PLAN that will apply through auditions, rehearsals and performances.  

  • You will be required to follow the instructions given on the day, and to sign in.

  • Bring with you mask, water bottle, pen, script, any items for personal use.

  • Hand sanitiser will be available.

  • You will receive a reminder before the audition with questions regarding Covid symptoms.