The Committee of Williamstown Little Theatre,  in consultation with the Shirley Valentine Production Team, has decided with deep regret to cancel the production scheduled to open on 30 June.  At this point we have yet to have power connected  to the site with no guarantee that it will be connected in time for tech rehearsals to begin. Seeing the bio box is new, tech runs to test the system will be vital before we even think of a tech rehearsal with actor, set and props.


To call it now means less disruption all round than a last minute cancellation.

So that’s the bad news....


Now for some good news!

Shirley Valentine will grace the WLT stage next year from 29 June to 16 July!


Several options were discussed by Committee and the final choice from a shortlist was made by the Production Team.  Stephanie King, our wonderful Shirley Valentine, and director Brett Turner chose that as the best course of action for the production they have envisaged and have worked hard to materialise. Both feel strongly that WLT is an ideal venue for this play, one that enables the sort of intimacy that is essential for it.


Shirley Valentine will see you in a year’s time!


Thank you to the members of the Production Team who have worked very hard in difficult circumstances to try and get Shirley Valentine onto the stage for you this year, especially Roger Forsey, Alex Begg, Steve Drumm and Dion Sexton


Thank you also to BCT Constructions which has battled what seems like endless delays and unforeseen hurdles to have everything ready for opening in time.


Thank you Trisha and Paul Carton at Future Logistics and Marcus Cassidy-Anderson for their generous respective responses to a cry for help.


Ticket holders please hold on, please don’t flood the Ticketing Manager or Treasurer with enquiries ... they’re busy organising your refunds. 

Tickets for Shirley Valentine will be refunded. They will not be transferable to another production or to the 2022 run of this production.


 We thank you for your understanding... and we will see you in September at The River!


Shirley Sydenham, Production Coordinator

Williamstown Little Theatre Covid Safe Plan

WLT Covid Safe Plan covers all areas of our operations.

We care about the safety of those who work here in any capacity, and those who attend performances.

Updated 18 May 2021