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Body Awareness 

by Annie Baker

6-23 February 2019
Director: Kris Weber

Production Coordinator: Emma Hunt


Psychology professor, Phyllis, is deep into her project Body Awareness Week at the local college. She and her partner, high school teacher Joyce, share their home with Phyllis’ son, Jared. He - a self-proclaimed autodidact who works at McDonalds – is adamant he does not have Asperger’s Syndrome.


When photographer Frank becomes a houseguest, Phyllis is offended by his artistic photos of nude women and when Joyce decides to pose for him, tensions build.


Both poignant and witty, it is that rare gem. A play about issues that isn’t an “issues play.”

There is no interval, play runs approximately 90 minutes


Joyce:  Jeanne Snider

Jared:  Robert Ruscitti

Phyllis:  Janis Coffey

Frank:  Brian Edmond

Stage Manager: Angela Brown

Assistant Stage Manager: Rod Blackman

Light/ Sound Operation: Rob Edwards, Andrew Wild

Set Design: Gaetano Santo

Lighting Design: Craig Pearcey

Costume Design: Tony Tartaro

Props: Judi Clark

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