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by Kerry Drumm

4-21 September 2019
Director: Shirley Sydenham

Production Coordinator: Maria Haughey

Tabitha. Tab. A feisty, confident fifteen year old who has been raised since birth by single dad, Adam. A typical teen; outspoken, messy, glued to her smartphone, listening to music and constant messaging.


Out of the blue, her mother makes contact and, against Adam’s will, Tab determinedly leaves for a short stay with Helen... where her secure world is turned upside down. How does Tab deal with the truth of her story?


A look at the spectrum of parental love. Three intertwined stories by local writer, Kerry Drumm, told with warmth, humour and love.

A World Premiere

VDL entry


Tabitha: Maxine Palmerson
Adam: Liam O’Kane
Helen: Tamar Collier


Stage Manager: Emma Hunt

Assistant Stage Manager : Jessica Kucy

Sound/Light Operators: Peter Newling & Les Hart

Production Team

Set design: Dion Sexton with Les Hart 
Lighting design: Craig Pearcey 
Audio design: Nelson Clemente  
Costume design: Jodi Hope 
Props coordinator: Celia Meehan
Set Dressing: 

       Maria Haughey & Greta Doel (Adam’s & Tabs’ home); 

       Celia Meehan (Helen’s home)
Technical Assistance: Roger Forsey

Prompt: Tony Tartaro

Photography: Caroline Oxley

Poster design: Janine Evans

Program: Erin Austin


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