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The Seafarer

by Conor McPherson
7 - 23 September 2017

Director: Bruce Akers

Production Coordinator: Peter Newling, & Robert Harsley as stand in.

It is Christmas Eve in Baldoyle, a coastal settlement in North Dublin. Recovering alcoholic Sharky Harkin, erstwhile fisherman/ van driver/

chauffeur, finds himself hosting a card evening with three old friends

at the dingy house that he shares with his older brother, Richard,

who has recently gone blind.

Introduced into this motley crew is the mysterious Mr. Lockhart, a

man of refined, other-worldly appearance. Who is this intruder who

shares more of Sharky's background than is initially evident ?


Over the course of the drunken evening, Mr. Lockhart reveals the

devilish truth about his character and the ghoulish reason he is here.


Succinct, startling and eerie, and the funniest McPherson play to date - Observer (London)


Cast and Creative Team:


James "Sharky" Harkin:            Brian Edmond

Richard Harkin:                        Brian Christopher

Ivan Curry:                               Jim Thomson

Nicky Giblin:                            Xavier Ryan

Mr Lockhart:                            Geoff Arnold


Stage Manager: Rosalin Shafik-Eid

Assistant Stage Manager: Rob Edwards

Light/Sound Operation: Andrea Tappe and Kieran Hanrahan


Set Design:               George Tranter

Audio Design:           Neil Williamson

Lighting Design:       Deryk Hartwick

Costume Design:      Maria Haughey

Set Construction:      Brian Christopher, Neil Williamson & WLT team  

Rehearsal Prompt:    Lois Collinder




Back row L-R: Geoff Arnold, Xavier Ryan, Brian Edmond

Front: L-R: Brian Christopher, Bruce Akers, Jim Thompson


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