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Under Milk Wood

by Dylan Thomas

A Play for Voices

28 June - 14 July 2018

Director: Sandy Green


Assistant to the Director: Bindi Green

Production Coordinator: Peter Newling

Under Milk Wood is a 1954 radio drama by Welsh poet Dylan Thomas.

In this much loved radio play,  a narrator invites the audience to listen to the dreams and innermost thoughts of the inhabitants of a fictional small Welsh seaside village Llareggub, (read it backwards!) 


The town and its colourful characters awaken. With musical language and bawdy humour we follow them going about their daily business and become aware of how their feelings affect each other and their lives.


Within the cycle of  one day, Thomas’ flawed villagers reveal a world of delight, gossip and regret, of varied and vivid humanity in this classic ‘play for voices’.


Brian Christopher 
Paula McDonald
Cat Jardine
Judi Clark
Gabby Llewelyn
David Runnalls 
Chris Black 
Henry Strand

Stage Manager:  Rosalin Shafik-Eid 

Assistant Stage Manager: Ian Green

Operator: Patrick Slee

Set Design: George Tranter

Lighting Design: Deryk Hartwick

Audio Design: Patrick Slee

Costume Design: Jodi Hope


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