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Vincent in Brixton

by Nicholas Wright
29 June - 15 July 2017

Director: Shirley Sydenham

Production Coordinator: Tony Tartaro

The play is a fiction woven from a few known facts. In 1873, a young Vincent Van Gogh arrived in London, living some of that time as a lodger in the house of Mrs Ursula Loyer in Brixton.


On the surface,  it is about the two years Van Gogh spent in London. But it is more than that. We see a young man with the signs of genius yet to flower, but with the arrogance of innate talent. There are allusions to the drawings and paintings, the inspirations and the despair that are to come.  There are moments of humour, depression, warmth and love, with glimpses into the disruptive, single-minded nature of artistic talent.


Jonathan Best: Vincent Van Gogh

Cat Jardine: Ursula Loyer

Marion Griffin: Eugenie Loyer

Brent Dare: Sam Plowman

Ella Hill-Cotter: Anna Van Gogh


Stage Manager: Emma Hunt

Assistant Stage Manager: Ella Hill-Cotter

Dressers: Andrea Tappe, Ros Shafik- Eid, Stephanie Gonelli,

Lighting/sound Operator: Maureen White

Assistant to the Director: Melanie Rowe

Rehearsal prompt: Judi Clark

Vincent Van Gogh stand in: John Murphy

Design Team:

Set Design: Kerry Drumm

Lighting Design: Craig Pearcey

Costume Design: Tony Tartaro

Props/Set Dressing: Barbara Hughes, Maria Haughey, with Loraine Callow

Poster: Janine Evans





Back L-R: Brent Dare, Marion Griffin, Tony Tartaro

Front L-R: Shirley Sydenham, Cat Jardine, Ella Hill-Cotter, Jonathan Best

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