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Visiting Mr Green

by Jeff Baron
23 April - 9 May 2015


Director: Brett Turner

Production Coordinator: Bernadette Wheatley


Ross, a young up-and-coming account executive with American Express, is involved in a car accident and ordered by the court to do community service for the victim, Mr Green, a retired dry cleaner. At their first meeting tensions rise, but Ross is determined to win Mr Green over, and every Thursday over the course of three months he arrives with food and companionship.


Slowly tensions abate, secrets are revealed and a close bond begins to form between two people who have more in common than either one of them would have thought on their first meeting.





Trevor Hanna (Mr Green);

Kieran Tracey (Ross)

Stage Manager: Shirley Sydenham

Assitant Stage Managers: Maria Haughey, Robert Edwards,

Erica Potts

Lighting/sound operator: Patrick Slee, Kay Hambling

Set Design: George Tranter

Lighting Design: Craig Pearcey

Costume design/realisation: Tony Tartaro

Poster: Janine Evans

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