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London Suite

by Neil Simon
17 November - 3 December 2016

Director: Gaetano Santo

Assistant Director: Stephanie Gonelli

Production Coordinator: Peter Newling


Written by Neil Simon, America's premier comic playwright, London Suite was first produced on Broadway in 1995. 


It is a collection of four short plays set in Room 402 ,a  suite of a fashionable old hotel in London. In each story, at various times, Simon sets a different tone, including a thriller, a comedy, a comedy-drama, and a farce.


What ensues includes a conflict between a writer and his financial manager, a daughter trying to couple her widowed mother with an eccentric gentleman, a poignant catch up many years later of a divorced couple,  and two frantic American tourists who have lost their Wimbledon tickets and are about to lose their suite to Hollywood actor Kevin Costner.


Brian Cronin & Mark Ferris:       Xavier Ryan

Diana Nichols & Dr McMerlin:    Janine Evans

Sheryl  Semple:                          Shirley Sydenham

Lauren Semple & Anne Ferris:   Kylie Ryan

Grace Chapman:                       Stephanie Gonelli

Billie Fox & Sidney Nichols:        Peter Hatherley

Mrs Sitgood:                               Judi Clark

Bellman:                                     Jake Privett

Stage Manager: Jake Privett

Lighting/audio operator: Patrick Slee

Set Design & realisation: David Dare

Lighting and Lighting Designs: Patrick Slee

Costume Design team: Jenn Hunt, Mark Blake, Georgia Petanakis, with Tony Tartaro

Poster Design: Janine Evans





Seated L-R: Xavier Ryan, Judi Clark,

Stephanie Gonelli, Peter Hatherley, Janine Evans.

Standing L-R:  Jake Privett, Patrick Slee, Gaetano Santo, Shirley Sydeham, Kylie Ryan

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