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Around the World in 80 Days

by Jules Verne, Dramatised by Toby Hulse

16 November - 3 December
Director Peter Newling

Jules Vernes' 260 page,1872 masterpiece is being brought to life on the WLT stage.

Come with us departing London to Dover to Paris to Turin to Brindisi to Bombay to Calcutta to Hong Kong to Yokohama to San Francisco to New York to Newfoundland to Queenstown Ireland and finally back to London. 


We'll travel via steamer, train, hansom cab, elephant and (according to David Niven) hot air balloon.

The question is - how on earth can all that be done on WLT’s tiny stage? By three Actors? We have no idea, but it’ll be fun to figure out.


Join literary royalty Phileas Fogg, Passepartout, Detective Fix and Princess Aouda, along with 20-odd other assorted and interesting characters as they make their epic journey against the clock.


A rollicking fast paced bit of silliness to finish the year.


Andrew Wild : Phileas Fogg

Travis Handcock : Passepartout

Kate Bowers : Fix of the Yard

Keith Hutton : Jules Verne


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