Hola! We're going Mexican

From time to time when we can find time in our every-busy schedule we like to get together socially and it's usually over food and wine! This time we're going Mexican and here are the details. Links: Menu: http://www.wtfbar.com.au/3-course-feast-menu RSVP: bhughes@wlt.org.au

A Man of No Importance

Our next show is in the theatre! Well, in rehearsal and we're getting very excited! Such a big cast it's a real hubbub with lots of energy and anticipation. Hope you've got your tickets? A Man of No Importance opens 26 June and in the very capable hands of Barbara Hughes, Director, teamed up with Janet Provan, Musical Director, we're assured of a grand show. We're hearing that there is some wonderful four-part harmonies, great tunes and a couple of really poignant ballads. All from a show that's not been done very often. We're very excited. Our May edition of Cues & News includes a communication with the show's full company in the form of the St Imelda's Players Newsletter, kindly shared by

The Seven Hells of Kannawa and Kamegawa

WLT Technical Officer Roger Forsey with his wife Wendy is travelling once again in Japan, one of his favourite destinations. Roger can always be relied upon to send us interesting and amusing despatches as travellers tales. His latest is no exception and as Shirley Sydenham replied to him; "... but don't fall into any of those hells please!" Our flight from Melbourne to Tokyo left at midnight. This time we were flying JAL in premium economy. Real legroom and we had the privilege of waiting for our flight in the lounge. Too bad about the loud-mouthed Aussie yobs who were in the lounge waiting for the same flight. After landing at Narita airport, we transferred to a Jetstar flight to Fukuoka

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