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The 39 Steps design realisation

Our final production for 2017 The 39 Steps has brought together the design team of Barbara Hughes and Loraine Callow again. This dynamic duo last teamed up in November 2013 to create the vibrant and memorable set for A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. In-house reviewer Jennifer Paragreen remarked then about Barbara's "awareness of scale" and "canny set design". The 39 Steps set is clearly calling for similar attributes with our design team.

Multi-tasking Barbara is of course also Director for this production and those of us fortunate enough to attend the Open Rehearsal on 15 October saw first-hand Barb working and reworking scenes based on available space and scale.

The other half of the team is of course Loraine and her contribution, as it was with Forum, is in the colour and vibrancy department. For our @wlt19462016 Instagram followers we have reposted several of Loraine's recent postings describing her colourful contributions to the production thus far.

The first image Loraine described as; "The beginnings of an ambitious piece... 7M X 3.5M.... house paint on light block curtaining."

"The only thing better than small pots of paint is big posts of paint. :) Paint mixing heaven." Loraine said of this picture.

"Turned a corner of the theatre into a temporary studio... much paint mixing has been going on here... lovely to have painters like @lindywallace dropping in to help out."

Two photos from the Open Rehearsal with that backdrop having advanced colourfully further! Director and Design partner Barb in the red cardigan.

And finally a picture of Loraine greeting Ellis Ebell at the Open Rehearsal.

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