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Auditions! Auditions!

The River


Jez Butterworth​

Directed by: Terese Maurici​

SEASON DATES: 16 performances 22 April to 9 May


Sunday, 19 January from 7.30 pm

Monday, 20 January from 7.30 pm

Auditions are by appointment only.

For bookings, enquiries about scripts, contact the director:


This production is WLT’s entry into the VDL Awards 2020

The River is "strange, eerie, tense and, on a single viewing, slightly unfathomable." (The Guardian)

First performed in the Royal Court Theatre in London 2012 and locally with The Red Stitch Theatre in 2016. We believe this to be the premiere into the world of Community Theatre.

The play runs 80 minutes,1 Act, with no interval.


Set in a remote fishing cabin, the owner, a man, is a dedicated fisherman who is obsessed with fishing for trout, which can be caught in abundance on one particular moonless night once a year.

The Man invites his new girlfriend to his inherited fishing cabin this weekend to share this once-a-year fishing experience with him. She's not all that interested in it and isn't afraid to let him know.

Eventually convincing her to go with him, we cut to scene 2 where it opens with the man making a panicked call to the police...he's lost his girlfriend in the darkness....

(No character names are mentioned through the play)



35-45, well-built/'rugged', 'typically masculine, loves the outdoors, intense, sense of adventure, self sufficient, reclusive.

  • Must learn to clean, fillet and cook a fish on stage with ease and confidence

  • The ability to grow facial hair is desirable.

A Woman

30-40 - Spiritual, finds beauty in a sunset, forthright, confident, grounded, wary.

Appearance /Ethnicity - any

The Other Woman

30-40 - down to earth, fun, realistic, matter of fact.

Appearance/ Ethnicity - any

No Roles have been pre-cast


  • All male auditionees must look 'all-american' with a confident and fluent standard American accent (strictly no Southern or 'Queens'-style New York accents)

  • Female auditionees, cleanly-spoken, English accent but not cockney.


  • Please prepare a 1-2 minute monologue from the perspective of the character you are auditioning for. The monologue should be about the weekend you spent in the fishing cabin. Be as creative as you like. This can be memorised or read.

  • You will also be asked to do some scene-work alongside other auditionees to assess chemistry and rapport with the other actors.

  • Auditionees are required to bring to the audition a WLT Audition Form downloaded from here, together with a non-returnable headshot (not necessarily a studio headshot) with name on the back.


There will be 3 rehearsals a week commencing February 2020 (Dates TBA)

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