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A New Life Member

At the AGM on 2 February 2018 Roger Forsey was announced as our latest Life Member with a citation by Barbara Hughes

There are no written criteria for choosing a Life Member but, every so often, the committee realises that a particular member has been around for a long time, working away in the background, making an exceptional contribution to the everyday running of the theatre.

Our newest Life Member is such a person. He has no interest in appearing on stage or directing but he is constantly thinking of ways to improve things. Then, instead of just thinking about them, actually doing them. He’s happiest when he’s pottering around by himself, here in his personal Men’s Shed. And he gets away with doing anything he likes because the rest of us only understand about 10% of what he’s saying.

Since joining the committee in 2008 he has implemented a vast range of improvements, far too many to mention here, but impacting on almost every aspect of the theatre. His work on the hardware and software of the lighting and sound systems has ensured that we maintain the highest level of excellence in these areas. He continues to upgrade our IT systems and is currently working on a new file sharing system to enhance our communications. He has introduced improvements to the courtyard, backstage, FOH, wardrobe and set building areas. And who could forget his ongoing work on his baby, the heating and cooling system.

Another area of interest is photography and he has done the FOH photos and production photos for most shows over the past ten years. The photo frames in the foyer with slideshows of past productions were his doing. He has also worked as technical advisor on most shows over that period.

Since his introduction to the theatre by Jenny Koch (who is here with us this evening) he has contributed in so many ways to maintaining WLT’s reputation for excellence.

Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in congratulating our very worthy new Life Member, Roger Forsey.

Barbara Hughes Vice President

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