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Vale Bruce Wapshott

Last week Life Member Bruce Wapshott passed away peacefully in the company of loved ones. He had battled cancer of the gall bladder for over two years, and had been in remission for a spell. However, in February this year he was back in hospital and it was thought he would not leave the ICU. He did, and returned home in the knowledge that it was borrowed time. He died at home as he wished, with his partner and a few chosen friends around him.

Bruce was a much loved person in every sphere of his life. He had been an integral part of the Arts Centre community for many years, and there will be a large memorial for him in the Pavilion. WLT played an important part in Bruce's life, and was a time he happily recalled. He will be fondly remembered by many people in the arts community. Rest in peace Bruce.

Bruce Wapshott, Paula Macdonald, Celia Meehan (then President WLT)

The cast of 'Breaking the Code': Bruce is in the back row third from left.

Second from right in the back row is the late Ian Grealy, whose last plays at WLT were 'Morning Departure' and 'Proof'. No doubt he and Bruce have met up and are sharing a bottle of bubbly!

Celia Meehan is in the back row and Mary Little is in the front row.

Set was designed by John Burrett.

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