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New Venture by a WLT Member...

Our own Travis Handcock who was in Sweet Road and Assistant Director of The Nance earlier this year is embarking on a bold new adventure... starting his own theatre company together with Stephanie King, FizzWack Theatre.

We wish them well in this brave move!

FizzWack's premier production is Ruben Guthrie, for 4 performances only... a reprise of the production that tied with WLT's Visiting Mr Green as last year's VDL Best Production award, and which also won Best Drama.

'“FizzWack Theatre is very excited to be staging this uniquely Australian show,” says director Travis Handcock.” It is an in-your-face assault of clever writing by Cowell who seems to have a handle on what it is to be on top of your game one minute and then to fall head long down a dark tunnel the next. Ruben is flawed but human and ultimately seeks what we all want and that is to be loved, accepted, and in control. The question of control and redemption are big themes in the play, as are notions of loyalty, conformity and acceptance. Ruben’s shot at redemption is fragile because there are many hurdles in his way – the biggest of which is himself. Ruben Guthrie is a gutsy play that packs a punch!”

Chookas FizzWack Theatre!

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