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Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas in July!

Christmas in July 2017 featured a welcome return of Ray's Mystery Movie as well as Crappy Christmas. A happy crowd of around 30 or so rocked up and a hilarious time was had by all.

Ray Hare was a wickedly jolly Santa

Clutching our glasses and lolly / popcorn boxes, we moved into the theatre, where Roger had set up a screen amidst the beginnings of a new set. Movie time began with an audience warm up: 100 all time great quotes from movies over the years, and people happily joined in the ones they knew! We then enjoyed 'Tootsie': some had seen it years ago while others (no, not only the younger ones!) had never seen it.

After a delicious supper we returned for gift time, presided over by a very jolly Santa next to the Christmas Ladder (OK, we couldn't find the tree...!). Santa read out the ticket number on presents picked at random by his elfin assistant and the holder of that ticket came down to open and display their gift. There was much hilarity as each was revealed and sometimes commented upon by the gallery!

It was almost Boxing Day in July when our happy participants tottered off into the night.

Thanks Chief Elf Barbara Hughes for organising such a fun evening!

Photos by Nelson Clemente...

Rob and his new friend

Moira was nice but now she can be naughty!

Mary's wine cooler came with a built in umbrella to keep the Pimms extra cool

Brian and Robyn were the Christmas Twins... supervised by the Christmas Elf

Even Santa got a present... and he's sure Mrs Claus is equally delighted for it to grace the new house they're moving into tomorrow!

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