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Mr Bailey's in town!

WLT and Deborah Fabbro are tremendously delighted to announce the cast of Mr Bailey's Minder by Debra Oswald....

Leo: Damian Jones

Therese: Emily O'Kane

Margo: Clare Hayes

Gavin/Karl: Henry Young

Set design: George Tranter, and we're happy to report that some construction is already underway thanks to the amazing Dion Sexton!

Lighting design: Craig Pearcey

Audio design: Les Hart and Nelson Clemente

Props and set dressing: Maria Haughey and Karin Bouvin

Costume coordination: Possum Ball

Rehearsal prompt: Lois Collinder

Many thanks to Melanie Rowe and Peter Newling for audition assistance, and to Tony Tartaro and Bob Harsley for meeting and greeting auditionees, serving water/coffee/tea and soothing nerves.

The Open Rehearsal is Sunday 7 January 2018, at 3.30 pm.

The season of Mr Bailey's Minder is 8-24 February 2018.

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