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70th Birthday Wall Emerging!

Our very talented and gorgeous Kerry Drumm is busy designing the new wall!

The outlines of her design will materialise on this blank wall over the coming week and on Sunday 17 January come along between 10am and 5pm to paint in some of the colour. Kerry will be there to direct your paintbrush to the right colours!

Help bring the wall to life, and let it kick off our 70th birthday celebrations!

Just call in and paint...

There'll be refreshments.

There'll be a sausage sizzle.

And at 3.30 there'll be an open rehearsal.

What more could you want?

See some of Kerry's illustrations here and on Facebook.

And here's a little teaser....

And here's the Artist herself, receiving a 'thank you' gift from the Committee at Cordell Day!


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