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Announcing 2016....!

Playbill 2016 has just hit the airwaves! It has been emailed and uploaded to our website Subscriptions page!

We think 2016’s offerings are as diverse as ever. We have two Australian plays, a runaway Broadway success premiering in Australia, a British play, and an American play set in London. You will shed a few tears – of hilarity, of empathy, maybe even of sympathy. You may gasp, or ponder, but you’ll certainly be entertained!

Our posters are by the wonderfully talented Janine Evans... and this time we have a delightful thematic touch of pastel running through. Four of the five are here: we're waiting on final legal wording for one poster.

Take a few moments to browse through our Productions section. Subscriptions are now open, and public bookings go online from 11 January 2016.

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