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Playwright Q and A at WLT

Our Friday night audience had an unexpected treat: playwright Rebecca Lister was in the audience and agreed to join Director Ellis Ebell on stage after the show for a Q and A.

For over half an hour a rapt and intent audience plied her with questions, including 'Was there a personal reason that made you write this play?' and a general discussion ensued about dealing with a person with a disability.

Rebecca was relaxed and comfortable on stage, having been an actor, so was not fazed by it at all. Perhaps appropriately, she sat in the spot where 'Isabelle' visits her counsellor! She was charming and gracious, and dealt with all the questions with ease.

It was a real treat to have had this session, being given a rare insight into the very origins and concept of the play you have just seen. And for the actors and production team it was wonderful to meet Rebecca and hear her very positive response to the production.

The lavish Birthday 'pop up' supper that followed was a delicious finish to a delightful evening!

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