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Vincent at WLT!

Williamstown Little Theatre and Shirley Sydenham are truly delighted to announce the wonderful cast of Vincent in Brixton!

Jonathan Best - Vincent Van Gogh

Cat Jardine - Ursula Loyer

Marian Griffin - Eugenie Loyer

Brent Dare - Sam Plowman

Ella Hill-Cotter - Anna Van Gogh

Cat Jardine was last seen on our stage in The Nance last year. We believe she'll keep her clothes on this time, but I guess you'll have to wait and see! Brent Dare was last on our stage in several roles in Two Weeks with the Queen in 2011.

Thank you to the many people who auditioned for this production and who made the casting decisions extremely difficult... a nice problem to have.

Vincent in Brixton season is 29 June to 15 July.

Director: Shirley Sydenham

Production Coordinator : Tony Tartaro

Stage Manager: Emma Hunt

Sound/Light Operator: Maureen White

Set Designer: Kerry Drumm

Lighting Designer: Craig Pearcey

Costume Designer: Tony Tartaro

Props and Set Dressing: Barbara Hughes

Poster: Janine Evans

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