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Wall Painting Day!

It's almost done! A flock of people joined in a fun day on Sunday 17 January, and shared the excitement of the emerging wall! There was laughter, banter, good food and cold drinks, especially as the afternoon got warmer. And there was some intense concentration ... keeping inside the lines on wobbly wall panels was challenging at times!

Kerry and a few helpers are doing the finishing touches this week. Then we need to seal it. After all, it has to last for 10 years!

And the official unveiling will be by Ella Bambery, a Life Member who, now in her nineties, is arguably our oldest living member. After that we'll show pictures of the wall in its entirety!

Not only is Ella launching the Birthday Wall at our AGM on Friday, 5 February, but she is also actively participating in a stroll Down Memory Lane on the afternoon of Sunday, 28 February in the first of three Birthday entertainments!

Meanwhile, here's a selection of photos so you can enjoy a little glimpse of the Wall!


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